Reviews by Modlen Studio leotards

Reviews & Feedbacks about handmade leotards created by Modlen.

The studio creates a bright & well fit rhythmic gymnastics leotards, acrobatic gymnastics costumes, baton twirling costumes & ice figure skating dresses, delivering them around the world in short terms.

 79   2020   Norway

Rhythmic Gymnastics Leotard for happy gymnast from USA

We got a leotard!!! Hooray!!!
Thank you so much for your speed and accuracy. My daughter is thrilled! The costume is great. We didn’t expect to be able to make it and send it to us in such a short time. We’ll order it and recommend your work to others!

 123   2020   USA
 114   2020   Australia
 98   2020   Germany

Leotard for Gymnast from USA

I ordered a figure skating dress from Modlen. Communication was great. The dress arrived very quickly in about 10 days, and was beautiful. Lots of crystals. Very nice! Highly recommended. Will buy again.

 68   2020   USA
 113   2019   USA
 86   2019   France
 102   2019   Austria
 88   2019   Germany
 89   2019   Norway
 63   2019   USA
 67   2019   USA
 60   2019   Switzerland
 135   2019   Switzerland
 88   2019   Germany

Acrobatic Gymnastics Leotards for Duo from Austria

Die Anzüge passen perfekt, sehen super aus und die Kinder sind begeistert.
Vielen Dank für die rasche und professionelle Erledigung des Auftrages.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen

. . . .

The leotards fit perfectly, look great and the kids are thrilled.
Thank you for the quick and professional completion of the order.
Yours sincerely.

 57   2019   Austria

Rhythmic Gymnastics Leotard for Anneta from USA

The leotard is absolutely gorgeous! We absolutely love the leotard! The costume looks exactly like on the photo. We received it so quickly too. I will definitely be ordering from her again!!!

Thank you.

 68   2019   USA
 84   2019   USA

Acrobatic Gymnastics Costumes for Trio from Australia

Just wanted to let you know that we have received the Leotards and the girls are extremely happy with them.

Thank you for all your help and assistance. There is a few stiches we will secure a bit more on the bigger gems, but overall for the pressure we put on you for the quick turn around we are very happy.

We will definitely recommending you to the other groups and for them to check out your site.

 96   2019   Australia
 89   2019  
 154   2019   Germany
 381   2019   Australia

Rhythmic Gymnastics Leotard for Annabeth from USA

Rhythmic Gymnastics Leotard for Annabeth from USA

Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful leotard for my daughter! The craftsmanship is exquisite – everything had detailed finishes – from the seams around the keyhole opening in the back to the rhinestones in different colors to make the Leo sparkle just right!

She absolutely loves it and feels so great and confident in it!

You were also so gracious in calming my anxiety as this was a rush order, answering and addressing all my questions.

 131   2019   USA
 66   2019   USA
 44   2019   Portugal
 297   2019   USA

Acrobatic Gymnastics Leotards for Lisa Pitts’s team from USA

We have received our new Acro leotards and cannot thank you enough for these amazing outfits.

Each one fit perfectly and the girls have been so excited about them.
We look forward to a wonderful year of competition looking our very best due to you and your amazing staff.


 76   2019   USA

Rhythmic Gymnastics Leotards for Sofie’s team from Denmark

Rhythmic Gymnastics Leotards for Sofie's team from Denmark

Now we have received the gymnastics leotards.

Unfortunately, we did not reach it for our little competition on Saturday, as there has been little trouble with Danish postoffice. But Rhythmic Gymnastics Costumes are so nice!

Thanks for great rg leotards, the girls love them, and also very good service by Modlen Studio.
We will order new Rhythmic Gymnastics Leotards with you again next year!

 189   2018   Denmark
 62   2018   Canada
 49   2018   Canada
 43   2018   France
 117   2018   South Korea
 30   2018   USA
 143   2018   Belgium
 60   2018   USA
 38   2018   Switzerland

Ice Figure Skating Competition Dress for Karolina from United Kingdom

My daughter wore the Ice Figure Skating Competition leotard for her competitive dance solo this spring. It was breath taking! So beautiful. The quality is amazing and I appreciate the extra stones.

She even won best costume at a large regional competition!!

Thank you so much!

 40   2018   United Kingdom
 41   2018   Australia

Rhythmic Gymnastics Leotard for Tan from Singapore

Item well received on time. Very nice gymnastics leotard as shown online and my girl loves it. Size was slightly smaller but still manage to fit in for her incoming competition!

Great service from Modlen Studio Store!
Would buy again in the future when needed.

 70   2018   Singapore

Acrobatic Gymnastics Dresses for Duo from Australia

2 Acrobatic Gymnastics Leotards for Daisy & Katie from Australia

Katie and Daisy looked amazing in the leotards Modlen made!

They won a bronze medal at the World Age Championships in Antwerp Belgium in the 12-18 women’ pair age group.
Thank you for making them! They looked fantastic.

Kind regards!

 378   2018   Australia
 66   2018   USA
 52   2018   Switzerland
 33   2018   USA
 84   2018   USA
 51   2018   Denmark
 108   2018   USA
 54   2018   USA
 32   2018   France

Rhythmic Gymnastics Leotard for Clara from Germany

I got a really beautiful costume!
I had some special wishes and that was no problem for Modlen.

Unfortunately it already lost some crystals without wearing it, but in the package of the costume was also a little bag with extra stones, so i can easily replace them.

But all in all i’m sooo happy with the costume and i will totally buy my next costume also on this shop, thanks so much!

 26   2018   Germany
 37   2018   USA

Two Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition Leotards for Eden from Canada

First leotard

Amazing! Luxurious fabrics, solidly made, and a perfect fit. This leotard is going to look amazing on the carpet. We are really happy with it! I’m so glad we found Modlen. We won’t be bothering to order from any other shop. This one is fantastic. The item was received faster than we’d anticipated, too.
Perfect score from us.
Thank you!

Second leotard

This piece couldn’t be more beautiful. The colour is gorgeous in person. Bright and lovely. And it is so well made and fits perfectly. It arrived more quickly than we thought it would, too, which was a nice surprise. A++. This is definitely the only shop we will buy from from now on.
Love it! We are so grateful.

 33   2018   Canada

Rhythmic Gymnastics Leotard for Sofia from United States

I needed to write you and tell you how absolutely stunning Sofia’s dress is. Just gorgeous and fit her perfectly!!
Thank you thank you so much!!

The competition went well and she felt beautiful and special in the leotard.
Many thanks.

 37   2018   USA
 29   2018   USA
 24   2018   Germany
 44   2018   Germany
 32   2018   USA
 32   2018   Germany
 54   2018   Germany
 20   2017   Canada
 46   2017   Australia

Acrobatic Gymnastics Costumes for Duo from Canada

These leotards are so beautiful! They have exceeded every expectation that I had! They fit perfectly and the girls are SOOOO happy with them! If we need a new suit for competitions in the future we would definitely not think twice before ordering from you! The Leo’s are very comfortable and the quality is excellent!

Thank you so very much!!


 28   2017   Canada
 25   2017   Ireland
 21   2017   Canada
 20   2017   Ireland
 22   2017   Finland
 33   2017   USA
 29   2017   USA
 88   2017   Japan
 31   2017   USA
 48   2017   USA
 47   2017   Germany
 79   2017   USA
 180   2017   Japan
 53   2017   France

Acrobatic Gymnastic Dress for Adele from Reunion island, France

Les justaucorps sont magnifiques et la taille correspond bien (fait sur mesure).

Acrobatic Gymnastic Dress for Adele from Reunion island

Merci Elena! Réponse rapide, fabrication rapide et de bonne qualité. Délai de fabrication: 1 semaine. Délai d’envoi entre 17 et 27 jours vers l’Ile de la Réunion (courrier suivi).
Ma fille, Adèle adore ses deux nouveaux justaucorps.

 108   2017   France   Reunion
 312   2017   Norway
 74   2017   USA
 51   2017   USA
 40   2017   USA
 46   2017   Germany
 48   2017   Luxembourg
 63   2017   Japan
 107   2017   Romania
 124   2017   USA
 103   2017   Ireland
 43   2017   Sweden
 17   2017   USA
 21   2017   USA
 65   2017   Australia
 20   2017   United Kingdom
 49   2017   USA
 32   2017   Belgium
 19   2017   Germany

Rhythmic Gymnastics Leotard for Lara from Singapore

We had received our leotard, it was in good condition. My daughter love it & looked great in it. Really appreciate your excellent & gorgeous work!

Thank you & all the Best to you & your company!

 72   2017   Singapore
 29   2017   France
 57   2017   USA
 140   2017   Switzerland

Gymnastics leotard for Sandra from France

Hello, I well received the Leotard, it is very handsome, looks good except the skirt a little too big, but it’s my fault for the measures is not serious it will pass even in the competition.

I’m happy with you and I recommanderais.

Merci and good day.

 51   2017   France
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