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Feedbacks about leotards, sport dresses & acrobatic jumpsuits from happy customers in United Kingdom

Ice Figure Skating Competition Dress for Karolina from United Kingdom

My daughter wore the Ice Figure Skating Competition leotard for her competitive dance solo this spring. It was breath taking! So beautiful. The quality is amazing and I appreciate the extra stones.

She even won best costume at a large regional competition!!

Thank you so much!

 40   2018   United Kingdom
 20   2017   United Kingdom


The leotard has safely arrived!
It’s fitting very well.

 3   2017   United Kingdom


So many wonderful comments on the beautiful leotard on competition. Hard section to compete in but she danced absolutely lovely. Thank you for the gorgeous costume.

Rhythmic Gymnastics Leotard by Modlen Studio in United Kingdom
 28   2016   United Kingdom


I have already received the leotards. So fast! They are lovely.

 8   2016   United Kingdom
 34   2016   United Kingdom


Thank you for the girls beautiful leotards!

Rhythmic Gymnastics Leotard by Modlen Studio in England

The leotards are a perfect fit.

 20   2016   United Kingdom


Thank you so much, we received our leotards and they are beautiful and they fitted us.
Many thanks,

 8   2016   United Kingdom


My 10 year old loves this leotard! Thank you for making her feel special for her competition!

 7   2016   United Kingdom


Excellent dress, perfect fit. Arrived quickly.

 7   2016   United Kingdom


I’ve always bought stock leotards from websites in the past and thought they were fine, however I loved the look of Modlen’s leotards and finally committed to my first tailor-made costume..

I’ve never been so happy with a purchase in all my days, absolutely ecstatic with the quality, look and feel of the leotard and have had nothing but excellent feedback from everyone.

I can’t recommend Modlen highly enough, I will absolutely be coming back for all costumes in the future, 5 stars don’t do this beautiful work enough credit!!!

 5   2016   United Kingdom


Our 3 leotards arrived on time, very happy with them and all three leotards are stunning and made very well.

Colour was different to the picture, was more of a bright/hot pink but we still love it! We have been in contact with Modlen for a few months and they were quick back to us whenever we had any queries.

Skin colouring is quite transparent which we weren’t aware of, but does not affect the look of it!
Diamantés are stunning, all different sizes.

We will definately be buying from Modlen again!

 5   2016   United Kingdom


Just recieved the leotard, and it looks amazing! It even shines and glitters if you don’t get Swarovski!

My mum and dad got this for my first competition and I fell in love with it at first sight!
This is an amazing leotard!

Thank you so much!

 19   2016   United Kingdom


Thank you :) Arrived on time, looks gorgeous and I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

 4   2016   United Kingdom


We have just received my daughters leotard and just wanted to thank you very much, my daughter is over the moon it is beautiful.

I appreciate everything that you have done for us and look forward to ordering from you again in the future.

Thank you again.

Kind regards

 6   2016   United Kingdom


My daughter love her leotard and she won a silver medal today at her competition!

Rhythmic Gymnastics Leotard by Modlen Studio in United Kingdom

Thank you so much!

 14   2016   United Kingdom


Just to let you know the dress arrived and we love it.
I’ll send a photo in the next few weeks!

Many thanks

 6   2016   United Kingdom


The leotard arrived today.

It is perfect. It fits just right and is beautiful. My daughter is so happy.

Thank you and thank you for completing it so fast.
We will be return customers.

I will send photos when I get some.

 3   2016   United Kingdom


We have now received the leotard and it is lovely on.
Thank you.

 5   2016   United Kingdom


The leotard arrived today.
It is perfect.
It fits just right and is beautiful.

My daughter is so happy.
Thank you and thank you for completing it so fast.
We will be return customers.

 2   2016   United Kingdom


The leotards arrived in plenty of time and both my daughter and i are thrilled, it is beautiful and a very good fit.

 5   2013   United Kingdom


The leotard has arrived, both my daughter Ruby and I are delighted, it is beautiful, fantastic fit and looks gorgeous on her, can’t wait to show it off at the competition, many thanks from some very happy customers.

Thanks again

 4   2012   United Kingdom


Great leotard, looks stunning!! Quick delivery too, in stock item.
Thank you very much, will definitely be back again :)

 9   2011   United Kingdom


This leotard is absolutely stunning, so beautifully well made, the details are beautifully done, thank you so much, It is exactly the style she wanted fits perfectly, it is absolutely stunning!!!

we will be using you for all our leotards and recommend you to everyone
A huge thank you!!!

 4   2010   United Kingdom


Thank you Elena for all of your help! Carly is excited to see your creation!

 4   2010   United Kingdom


I received the leotard, & it’s perfect THANK YOU :)

 2   2005   United Kingdom
 4   2001   United Kingdom